FuturingYOU was born from the desire to offer innovative and tailored solutions, to support companies and professionals in the management of change with a logic of continuous improvement.

Our expertise stems from over 25 years of activity in the field of human resources, operating within multinational companies, start-ups and SMEs, in various sectors and geographies.

The choice of the name – FuturingYOU – and its logo, a stylization of Leonardo’s Vitruvian man, are not accidental.

Our business focuses its attention on the person, on the analysis and enhancement of the innate potential that is present in each individual.

Vitruvius’s treatise “De Architectura” was translated from Latin into the vulgar language in the second half of the 15th century (Leonardo of humble origins did not know Latin) and it seems that from these translations he learned Vitruvius’ knowledge on the proportions of human forms.
From the perfect mathematical balance of the forms themselves, Leonardo wants to show us that man is subject to the same rules and measurements that guide the universe, in a proportionate relationship between the parts of a whole and their “whole”.

In the Middle Ages the circle and the square were the symbolic representation of SKY and EARTH, FIRE and WATER, whereas the first human forms within these elements refer to the correspondence between macrocosm and microcosm.

The center of the circle corresponds to the navel of the man which refers to the spiritual origin of the human being, while the square leads back to the origin of the figure.

At the basis of the “Vitruvian Man” there is the philosophical interpretation that determines the image of the “Man as mirror of the Universe”.

Florence, where Leonardo spent the first thirty years of life, celebrates the humanism and the Centrality of Man and his dignity.
And it is in the exaltation of the regained awareness of the value of the person (Protagoras and the great Greek philosophers had already placed man at the ‘centre of the universe and measure of all things’) that the idea of Man as model of the world was born in Leonardo.

The reference to HEAVEN – EARTH – WATER and FIRE corresponding to the sides of the square outlines the modernity of Leonardo’s thought that relates Man to Nature and his responsibility for Sustainability.

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